The Royal Thai Consulate office in Hull is permanently closed so
do not post anything or try to visit us.
ALL Thailand visa applications must be applied for "online" via the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs website Thai E-Visa Official Site.

The Royal Thai Consulate can only assist Thai nationals living in the UK.
Please note that any emails or texts sent to the Consulate must be in English language only.
Any questions relating to visas can be emailed via our contact form email the Consulate or text only (do not phone) to 07983 945191.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has used the Royal Thai Consulate
in Hull over the years, many of whom have become loyal friends.

Assistance for Thai
nationals in the UK

The Royal Thai Consulate offices at Hull are permanently closed so please do not try to visit or post anything.
Thai Nationals seeking assistance may contact the Royal Thai Consulate using the contact form
in English - the working language of the Consulate. It may also be possible to send text (UK) 07983 945191.

The Royal Thai Consul in Hull extends a warm welcome to people from Thailand who are already living in the UK and who are in need of support or advice.


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