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Applying for a Thai Police Check

Applying for a Thai Police Check (Certificate of Good Conduct) By UK Passport Holder Who Has Worked in Thailand

Foreigners currently residing in Thailand or having previously resided in Thailand can apply for a Thai Police Clearance Certificate at the Police Clearance Service Center, Royal Thai Police, Bangkok.

For more information check the following web-link:-

Information is also available on the website of the Royal Thai Embassy, London by clicking on the following web-link:-

Important Information about Non-Immigrant Visas

With the introduction of new procedures for the granting Non-Immigrant Visas, the Royal Thai Consulate at Hull is now providing assistance for the following categories of single entry Non-Immigrant Visa applications:- ‘B’, ‘ED’ and ‘O’

Applicants can email to the Hull Consulate their applications with all supporting documentation. The Hull Consulate then applies to the Royal Thai Embassy in London for authority to issue the visa and, if approved, the applicant will be invited to visit us in person so that the visa can be issued into their passport. This process usually takes 2-3 days but during the peak period of September to January it can take up to 7 days. The advantage to the applicant is that they do not need to visit us until they know they are going to be granted the visa. When the applicant visits the Hull Consulate the visa will be issued within one hour.

For information about the process for applying for Non-Immigrant Visas through the Hull Consulate please visit our Home Page and scroll down to the appropriate visa.

Please note that the Hull Consulate cannot provide this service to persons who will be applying for their visa at the London Embassy.

Applications for all categories of Non-Immigrant Visa can be submitted direct to the Royal Thai Embassy, London, however, they do not provide a checking service so applicants cannot be absolutely sure they will be granted the visa they requested.

New Sports Transit Visa is now available from The Royal Thai Consul

A new single entry visa is now available from The Royal Thai Consul for people who are visiting Thailand for the purpose of engaging in sport and for those who are part of the official support team of the sports person.

Applicants must provide a document/letter from the relevant Thai Authority and other organisations as appropriate providing the following information:

  • Evidence that the named person(s) who is (are) either the sports person or who is (are) part of the support team of the sports person who will be officially involved in participating in a particular sports event taking place in Thailand. The letter will need to include the following:
    • a) Name of sports event.
    • b) Date(s) of sports event.
    • c) Venue of sports event.
    • d) Duration of sports event.
    • e) Name of sports person or member of support team.
  • Evidence that the applicant will be exiting Thailand to another country within 30 days of entry such as copy of onward flight ticket or similar.


The single entry visa is valid for three months from date of issue and allows a single stay in Thailand of up to 30 days. Do not stay in Thailand beyond the ADMITTED UNTIL date as stamped in the applicant’s passport.

Find out more information about the new Sports Transit Visa here